The Meaning of Niyyah in the Language and Speech of the Scholars

Realize that niyyah (expectation) in the dialect is a sort of reason (qasd) and want (iradah). What’s more, niyyah in the discourse of the researchers happens in two implications (or settings):

To recognize distinctive kinds of love, one from the other. Like recognizing dhuhr supplication from ‘asr petition, or recognizing the quick of Ramadan from different fasts. Or on the other hand recognizing activities of love from activities of propensity, such as recognizing the shower from polluting influence from the showers essentially to get spotless. What’s more, this significance of niyyah you will generally discover in huge numbers of crafted by the Legal Jurists.

To recognize the planned question of the activity – is it for Allah and for no other, or for Allah and other than him? What’s more, this is the significance of aim you will discover in progress of the gnostics (‘arifun), in their talks on truthfulness and those things that it is dependant on. Also, this (which means) you will frequently discover in the announcements of the Salaf.

Also, Abu Bakr ibn Abi Dunya composed a book, calling it Sincerity and Intention, and he implied this (second importance) of goal. Furthermore, it is the importance of expectation which is more than once said in the discourse of the Prophet, sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, once in a while with the word niyyah, different circumstances with the word iradah, and in some cases with words shut in significance to the over two. What’s more, the say of aim happens in the Qur’an ordinarily, by the utilization of words other then niyyah yet with comparative significance.

Importance of Niyyah in the Qur’an and in the Words of the Prophet and in the Words of the Salaf

We have specified that the significance of niyyah in the discourse of the Prophet, sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, and the Salaf of this country was utilized by and large in the second sense and along these lines conveys the importance of iradah.

Furthermore, concerning what happens in the Sunnah and explanations of the Salaf to do with this (second) which means of niyyah at that point there is a substantial number, and we will specify some of them.

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