What is DAO? Diamine Oxidase Supplements Explained

Diamine oxidase (DAO) is a catalyst and healthful enhancement often used to treat side effects of histamine prejudice.

Enhancing with DAO may have a few advantages, yet explore is restricted.

This article audits DAO supplements, including their advantages, dose, and security.

What Is DAO?

Diamine oxidase (DAO) is a stomach related compound created in your kidneys, thymus, and the intestinal covering of your stomach related tract.

Its essential capacity is to separate abundance histamine in your body (1).

Histamine is a normally happening aggravate that directs explicit elements of your stomach related, anxious, and resistant frameworks.

On the off chance that you’ve at any point encountered an unfavorably susceptible response, you’re most likely acquainted with normal side effects related with raised histamine levels, for example, nasal clog, bothersome skin, migraines, and sniffling.

You may likewise ingest histamine through your eating regimen. It normally happens in specific sustenances — particularly those that are matured, restored, or aged like cheddar, wine, pickles, and smoked meats (1).

DAO keeps histamine levels in a solid range to evade awkward histamine-initiated side effects.

DAO Deficiency and Histamine Intolerance

Histamine narrow mindedness is an ailment that happens because of raised histamine levels.

One of the associated causes with histamine bigotry is DAO lack (2).

At the point when your DAO levels are excessively low, it’s troublesome for your body to proficiently use and discharge overabundance histamine. Accordingly, histamine levels rise, prompting different physical manifestations.

Manifestations of histamine bigotry frequently look like those of an unfavorably susceptible response. They can go from mellow to serious and incorporate (2):

nasal clog

cerebral pains

bothersome skin, rashes, and hives


asthma and trouble relaxing

unpredictable heartbeat (arrhythmia)

looseness of the bowels, stomach hurts, and stomach related misery

queasiness and spewing

low circulatory strain (hypotension)

Different components may add to decreased DAO action or overproduction of histamine, including hereditary transformations, liquor use, certain meds, intestinal bacterial excess, and eating a lot of histamine-containing nourishments (2).

Histamine bigotry can be hard to analyze, as its side effects are uncertain and take after those of other ailments (1, 2).

Accordingly, in the event that you believe you’re encountering histamine narrow mindedness, counsel a certified human services supplier to altogether explore the reasons for your side effects before endeavoring to analyze or treat yourself.

Potential Benefits of DAO Supplements

DAO lack and histamine prejudice can be treated in various ways, incorporating by enhancing with DAO.

Early research recommends that DAO enhancements may reduce certain manifestations of histamine narrow mindedness, including cerebral pains, skin rashes, and stomach related misery.

Stomach related Symptoms

In a 2-week ponder in 14 individuals with histamine bigotry and side effects that included stomach torment, swelling, or the runs, 93% of members revealed a goals of somewhere around one stomach related indication subsequent to taking 4.2 mg of DAO twice day by day (3).

Headache Attacks and Headaches

A 1-month think about in 100 individuals with recently analyzed DAO lack saw that members who enhanced every day with DAO encountered a 23% decrease in the length of headache assaults, contrasted with the fake treatment gathering (4).

Skin Rash

A 30-day think about in 20 individuals with incessant unconstrained urticaria (skin rash) and DAO inadequacy noticed that members who got the enhancement twice every day experienced critical alleviation in manifestations and required less antihistamine medicine (5).

Despite the fact that these examinations propose that enhancing with DAO may dispose of or improve manifestations of insufficiency, there’s no certification that it’s powerful for everybody.

At last, more research is expected to reach complete inferences.

Not a Cure

Logical comprehension of histamine narrow mindedness and DAO inadequacy is still in a moderately beginning time.

Different variables can influence the creation of both DAO and histamine in various pieces of your body. Tending to the main driver of these issues isn’t as basic as supplanting DAO with an enhancement (1, 2).

DAO supplements work to separate histamine that enters your body remotely, for example, from sustenance or refreshments.

Taking this enhancement won’t influence the dimensions of histamine created inside, as this kind of histamine is separated by an alternate chemical called N-methyltransferase (2).

Despite the fact that DAO enhancements may ease manifestations by decreasing outside histamine presentation, examine showing that they can fix histamine bigotry or DAO inadequacy is deficient.

On the off chance that you’ve been determined to have histamine bigotry or suspect you may have it, counsel a certified medicinal services specialist to build up a customized arrangement as per your one of a kind needs and wellbeing objectives.


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