Zahid Ahmed-the man on a move signs another serial titled “Pukaar”

With three of his plays Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua, Daldal and Gustakh Ishq at present on air, Zahid Ahmed is doing great this year, as the flexible performing artist signs on another fascinating content, another serial titled Pukaar.

Zahid Ahmed is referred to as much with respect to his flexible acting abilities concerning his fascinating contents. He is known to explore different avenues regarding his characters by playing assorted and exceptionally fascinating characters. What’s more, now, sources near the performing artist uncover, Zahid is adapting to chip away at another astounding venture close by the extremely gifted Yumna Zaid.

The twosome as of now made an astonishing pair in Khalil-ur-Rehman’s Zara Yaad Kar and in this manner the news of their up and coming venture happens to as rather intriguing.

Zara Yaad Kar was a significant genuine play yet this time around the twosome have combined up with Six Sigma Production whose Pyaray Afzal and Dillagi is as yet adored by numerous for its fascinating interpretation of affection. Coordinated again by Farooq Rind, who made a great with Zahid Ahmed in Besharam, one holds up to perceive what ends up being of Pukaar, despite the fact that desires are substantially higher than last time.

Pukaar has taken about a year to go on the floor. The story will rotate around a haveli and its conventional benefits of locking up ladies. Zahid Ahmed will be seen playing a medieval ruler’s child, who was disregarded the greater part of his life, for being conceived out of a moment marriage, just to return back to the haveli to get his legitimate position as the beneficiary.

With the cast likewise including Saad Qureshi as Fahad and Yumna Zaidi as Samra, one has high expectations from Pukaar and what it will deliver for the gathering of people.

We connected with Zahid Ahmed and asked him what influenced him to state yes to Pukaar and this is the thing that he imparted to us,

“The account of Pukaar is exceptionally dingy and in addition extreme. My character appears to be the knight in sparkling shield for an extremely bothered champion, something I haven’t generally improved the situation a while now.”

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